Retreat References

“We have had the pleasure of having Priscilla speak to our group of women twice in the past few years. She was brought back the second time due to the overwhelming response that we had after her first visit with us. In her most recent engagement with us she spoke on her newly released book Confessions of a Control Freak. It was a challenging topic but one that Priscilla navigated with grace, candor and transparency. We were all challenged yet encouraged. As the retreat coordinator for our group for many years, I can speak to the fact that it is an absolute delight working with Priscilla in the planning process of the retreat. She is accessible and is sensitive to the varied dynamics that each group of women brings to a retreat. I have always thoroughly enjoyed working with Priscilla and I hope to do so again in the future.”
Mandy Milne
Immanuel OPC
Bellmawr, NJ

“Approximately 24 hours before our planned retreat November 2, 2012, we were informed that our scheduled location could not accommodate us due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. What a providential way to begin a retreat on the topic “Confessions of a Control Freak”! We were all flung into practical application before the retreat even started and Priscilla led the way. Her spirit of servanthood cheered us on as we went through various compromises in accommodations, structure, free time activities, dining, etc., etc. Priscilla our esteemed speaker cheerfully spent the night with a house full of her own grandchildren and smiled through Chinese take-out for a “gourmet” lunch. Priscilla truly puts into practice her teaching. Her concern and encouragement to us were a hallmark of our retreat. Her clear, engaging teaching ruled the day! Looking for a speaker who really engages in your retreat. Priscilla will be there for you.”
Julia Church
Immanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Bellmawr, New Jersey

“Alpine Chapel had the privilege of hosting Priscilla Morrison as keynote speaker at  our last Winter Women’s Retreat. Priscilla’s sweet charm and transparency captured the attention and hearts of those who attended. Sitting at the feet of Priscilla’s sound biblical teaching and life experiences created a sense of calm and hope. Priscilla’s demeanor and teaching methods are much like Jill Briscoe’s. I would highly recommend her for any Women’s Event.”
Donna Riemer
Alpine Chapel
Lake Zurich, IL

“We had Priscilla speak at our retreat last March.  What an amazing time!  Let me say Priscilla is REAL, her unassuming, humble spirit was a blessing to everyone who was there.  She is able to capture life’s tense moments and get you to look at yourself through new eyes.  We laughed, cried and had the sweetest of fellowship!  God has brought her through years of learning in the trenches.  Women of all ages and all walks of life told me that this was THE BEST retreat we have had at Village. I can personally say that Priscilla’s words have echoed with me long after the retreat.  I can only say enjoy God’s outpouring of blessing if you have Priscilla for your retreat.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”
Kathie Donaldson
Village Presbyterian Church
Mt. Laurel, NJ

“Priscilla Morrison has spoken at two retreats for our women’s group.  The second on the topic of her soon-to-be-published book Confessions of a Control Freak.  With much insight and a bit of humor Priscilla was able by God’s grace to help us see some of the many and often subtle ways in which we seek to take control of our own lives and others’ lives.  She then points us to our King, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is rescuing her and us from bondage to our own ways into the freedom of Christ.  Her examples from her own struggles and joys in learning to trust Jesus in all the large and small issues of life clearly demonstrate the Scriptures that helped her as a pastor’s wife raising a large family.   Priscilla’s stories of Jesus’ love and guidance triggered the most open and eager discussion in small groups that I’ve seen at a retreat.  Priscilla is a woman who really wants to know her Lord and Savior and serve him without reserve.  She has been a gracious encourager to me and anyone who knows her.”
Lynn Horn
Heritage Presbyterian Church
Warrenton, VA

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