A God for All Seasons

“Holding God’s hand through each change of life”

In 2006, Priscilla was asked by a church to come and share a biblical perspective of a “seasoned” (a kind word for “older”) married woman.  In her preparation and reflection of the seasons of her life, she felt a deep need to include how God is a present help not only when we are married, but single, or single again.  So workshops were developed to reach out to all of these women.  The end product was A GOD FOR ALL SEASONSholding God’s hand through each change of life.

In these sessions, Priscilla shares intimately from her life from childhood to present.  She weaves her story into topics such as:

God’s provision
Being made in God’s image
Becoming a new creation
Praying according to God’s Word
Loving for Christ’s sake
Riches in Jesus
Gratitude vs complaining
Control and the Sovereignty of God

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