Unplanned Pregnancy

Have you just received the news “yes, you’re pregnant” and as far as you’re concerned, this is the worst possible time?  Or perhaps you’ve had an abortion and are struggling emotionally.  Do you know that often what we consider the worst that can happen God uses for the best in our lives?  His plans are more than we can begin to imagine from our finite place of panic.  Watch His doors begin to open when you turn to Him and hand the “situation” over to Him. The links below may offer some help. Please share your thoughts in the comments and mention any other resources you know of.

Maybe you can relate to my friend Susan’s story…

I remember driving in my car and thinking “you’re pregnant”.  I hadn’t even missed a period yet but somehow this thought was coming into my mind.  Later at home, a “pink” pregnancy test confirmed it.  I was nineteen, and this news did not fit into my plans.  Not only that, it was almost Christmas and I’d have to face all my relatives with the news.

ABBA Pregnancy Center

I was not brought up in a Christian home.  All the messages around me growing up assured me that an abortion could always take care of an unwanted pregnancy.  But why did I keep hearing in my mind “There’s no way!”  A  few months earlier, my mother had begun attending church and my boyfriend and I had visited with her.  Now I knew I could never go back.  And how would I ever tell Mom?  At our Christmas gathering  I told everyone but her.  So, the family set it up so she and I would have time out alone together.  My mom lit up a cigarette and offered me one.  Although I smoked at the time, I found I couldn’t take one knowing I was pregnant.  When I said “no”, she looked at me and asked, “Are you pregnant?”  And when I said “yes”, she took me in her arms and hugged me.

Not everyone was so understanding.  I could have written a book entitled “Things you should never say to a pregnant girl!”, e.g.  “You won’t be able to take care of the baby.”  “You’ll be a burden to your mother.”  Even “That’s the seed of Satan growing in you!”

But soon the pastor’s wife from Mom’s church called me.  She was so kind and understanding and offered to take me to Abba Care, a Christian ministry to pregnant women in VA.  This began the journey that we’ve taken with God, and He has done incredible things for us.  Abba Care reached out to Brandon with its ministry to fathers.  We took classes on parenting and this gave us credit to “shop” in their resource room stocked with supplies and clothing for mothers and babies.  When our daughter was born, they gave us a 5-gallon bucket filled with layette items.  At the same time, we began premarital counseling at the church.  It was here we found forgiveness and acceptance, not just from the people but from Jesus Himself.  Brandon and I both turned our lives over to Him and He has not failed us since.  By the time our daughter, Faith, was born, we were married and in our own apartment.  And most importantly, we had hope for the future.

Sanctity of Life Ministries

That was years ago.  Life has not always been easy.  We’ve moved several times, changed jobs, had some serious health issues  and financial strains.  Thinking back, I remember feeling God was punishing me with the unwanted pregnancy.   Instead, however, we’ve seen how God can take anything—even the bad—and use it for good in our lives.  I hate to think the direction my life would have taken had we not conceived our little Faith, and began our journey with God and His people.  Our second daughter, Rose, was born in  2008.  She is just another one of the blessings God has given us along the way.


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