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Face it ladies, we are complex.  And the way we feel is not always a spiritual problem, but I do admit that often they can be related.  The way I take care of my body has a lot to do with how I face each day.  For example, if I’m heavy into sugar or caffeine, it can affect my energy, my mood and my whole well being.  So, I offer some resources here that will help us take care of our bodies as well as our souls.

For years, we’ve heard “You are what you eat.”  “To be healthy you must exercise!”  And for us Americans, we live in a country where most of our food choices have been tampered with yielding an unhealthy result.   And I’m not talking about poor, struggling countries. The disease statistics in our wealthy United States are staggering!

A  few months ago I told my friends on Facebook that I thought I should go on that show “Biggest Losers” because I had lost 1,000 pounds—the same stinking 10 pounds 100 times!  I know many of you share the continual weight struggle that I have had for several years now.  I have made some progress—realized (even repented) that I fed my family junk even though I knew what healthier foods were.  Started stocking my house with only healthy foods—fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, berries, good protein.  But still found I could pig out, not just when I got my hands on junkfood, but on healthy stuff.  I still kept eating even when not hungry.  What was I hungering for?

Recently God brought a woman across my path.  I’ve asked her to introduce herself and then she and I will “chat” about this whole thing of physical (and spiritual) health. If you relate to my struggle, reading the interview will be well worth your time!
Priscilla Morrison

Click here to read Priscilla’s interview with Gayle Ellis, author of Weight Expectations.



  1. Sonya H Funk says:

    Congratulations Priscilla!! on your web site, … I really enjoyed reading what you’ve written so far…Resourses for women/take care of your self. Especially the interview with Gayle Ellis. Wishing you much success on the upcoming book, looking forward to reading it

    God bless

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