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“I had come to bring Jesus to the prison. But I met Him there.” Click here to read Priscilla’s story of her first experience volunteering with a prison outreach ministry.

“No doubt you know or are related to someone who is incarcerated. The Bible tells Priscilla Morrisonus not to forget them (Matthew 25 and Hebrews 3). Many have been written off by their families and friends. Some are innocent. All need to know that they are not alone and Jesus can forgive anything they’ve ever done – just like He does for us if we turn to Him and start over. You cannot imagine the blessing you will receive.”

Please take a moment to read this letter from Elva (Chick) Nixon, which she asked me to share with my readers.  It gives you a glimpse of the way God meets these girls in that desolate place.  He can meet you, too, wherever you are today!

“Hello Priscilla, 

Congratulations on your book!  See how awesome God is?  He can open up doors we never dreamed of—beyond our wildest imagination!

Every time Kairos is here, my heart is full and my spirit rejuvenated.

I want the world to know that I finally know what Paul meant when he said, “Be thankful in all things.”  I am so very thankful for these prison walls.  As the lyrics to the song say, “Even in this dreadful place, I will praise the Lord.” If not for here, I would not have this personal walk with God.  How can I not be thankful for Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women?  

As my walk with Christ deepened, and my fear of all things was gone, I realized that this forced solitude was the perfect gift for me.  I was in His resting place.  Others here started noticing how in all this chaos I remained unaffected.  I was asked one day how I could keep that peace, and if I would explain how it felt.  After I was asked, I noticed several others stepped up to listen.  Of course, I immediately gave all the glory to God where it belongs.  Because of Him I know Love, pure divine Love.

I tried to explain it to the girls here in terms they could relate to.  We miss family so bad here.  My most favorite thing to do was hold my grandbabies on my lap and smell their little heads.  You know how little babies heads smell?  If I had to describe a “scent for love”, I would try to bottle that :)).  I told them that I would not trade my time here to hold those grandbabies, because if not for being here, I would never have known His Love personally.  I became Abraham and they Isaac.  With that surrender came the peace He left me.  After all, I only knew how to love them because he first loved me.  

Please use my name.  I am His witness.

Your sister in Christ,


BELOW ARE LINKS TO PRISON MINISTRIES Priscilla has worked with or knows of. If you are familiar with other prison ministries, please feel free to mention them in the comments.

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship

Kairos Prison Ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry



  1. Charmaine edwards says:

    I’m so glad you shared this story. Chick was my dad’s first cousin and passed this week. It was nice to find this while googling. It’s a blessing for her family to hear the strength of her faith and I’m so thankful for the work this ministry does and the hope it restores.

    • The Control Switch says:

      Dear Charmaine,
      I am so thankful that God brought this comfort across your path. How amazing you should find this letter on my website.
      I was so sorry to miss the funeral but I was praying for dear Chick to the end. When I received the news of her passing, my first thought was “Chick is free!” She loved Jesus with her whole heart. She encouraged anyone she met (insiders and outsiders). And now she is with the God she so faithfully trusted. Many are praying for you and your family in your time of profound loss. But know her life served a great purpose and was used by God to touch so many needy souls! Thank you for taking the time to reach out.

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