Eldercare and Visitation

To find this type of encouragement ministry, just look around you. You will hardly know where to begin.  Elderly people love to have someone stop by for a chat. Take flowers or baked goods. See if they need a ride somewhere. Listen to them. Even if dementia has begun to set in, your encouragement can redirect their emotional state and give them a happy day. You will be blessed more than you invest!

“In 2001, I was looking for part-time work when a friend of mine started a home-health agency.  So, I began as a companion and later became a nurse’s assistant.  Unbeknownst to me, God was opening my heart to eldercare ministry.

Priscilla MorrisonAt that time, I was caring for my mother in my home.  But by the time she reached age 97, she required full-time care.  My siblings and I moved her to a facility near my home, and I began making visits several times a week.  I found, however, as mother got to know her new neighbors, I did too.  And many of them were never visited by a loved one.  Since then we’ve spent countless hours singing around the piano while Mother plays (just about any hymn, patriotic number or old love song any resident calls out!), watching old movies, or taking a stroll around the campus.  Mother is now coming up on 100 (August 20, 2012).  Here’s her picture with our daughter, Leah, one of her many grandchildren who love to visit her.”





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