Please explore the pages on Prison Ministry and Eldercare to learn more and find how you might minister in these areas too.

“Over the years, this ministry has taken different forms. Sometimes just a listening ear, inviting someone over for coffee and praying with them. Sometimes speaking at various women’s events – from luncheons to retreats.

I’ve been fortunate to also be involved in a women’s prison ministry. Out of the comfort zone into the unknown. With God, however, the future is all known. So I found there is nothing to fear. I remember my very first evening at the prison I was struck by two things: many of the women looked like my daughters or their friends – so young… And talking to the women was like talking to a woman in the grocery line. You know the kind of conversations you can have with a total stranger? (The kind that still mystifies my husband to this day!  ‘You talked about menopause… with someone you never met???’)

Priscilla MorrisonIn recent years I’ve been spending a lot more time with the elderly.  And I find the concerns of the older women I meet are still very basic – lack of security, fear of the future, loneliness, health issues, family problems.”


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