Study Guide for Confessions of a Control Freak

CONFESSIONS OF A CONTROL FREAK—and Hope for Those Who Know One
Study Guide
By Cyndi Anderson & Priscilla Knox Morrison

This study guide includes discussion questions for each chapter, icebreakers, read aloud suggestions, guidelines for group leaders, and a gospel focus for each segment. The guide can be used

  • in a small group setting,
  • in one-on-one counseling, mentoring or discipling, or
  • to enhance individual reading of the book.

The Study Guide was written for a 13-week study and can be adapted for 12 weeks or up to 16 weeks.
Download the complete Confessions of a Control Freak Study Guide (PDF)

Download the Study Guide week by week:
Study Guide Intro & Suggestions for Small Group Leaders
Study Guide Week 1: Preface and Introduction (pages 9-20)
Study Guide Week 2: Confession #1—“I care too much about what people think of me.” (pages 23-33)
Study Guide Week 3: Confession #2—“I donʼt always trust God with my future, so I do all I can to make things turn out okay.” (pages 35-53)
Study Guide Week 4: Confession #3—“I haven’t (really) forgiven people of their past faults so I try to protect myself from being hurt again.” (pages 55-60)
Study Guide Week 5: Confession #4—“I want things my way!” (pages 61-72)
Study Guide Week 6: Confession #5—“I love to help people…I just don’t always stop at what is helpful” (pages 73-78)
Study Guide Week 7: Confession #6—“I don’t think I need help from others” (pages 79-85)
Study Guide Week 8: Confession #7—“No matter how hard I try, I can’t control anything!” (pages 87-100)
Study Guide Week 9: Confessions #8 and #9 (pages 101-109)
Study Guide Week 10: Confession #10 and Chapter 11 (pages 111-117)
Study Guide Week 11: Chapter 12—“Aging” (pages 119-126)
Study Guide Week 12: Chapter 13—“Survival Guide: Coping with the Control Freak in Your Life” (pages 127-135)
Study Guide Week  13: Conclusion (pages 137-143)

Study Guide Copyright © 2012 by Cyndi Anderson and Priscilla Knox Morrison. Permission given to reproduce the internet study guide for individual or group study only.  Intended for use with Confessions of a Control Freak—and Hope for Those Who Know One (copyright © 2010 by Priscilla Knox Morrison; published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene Oregon 97402)

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