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I shared some ideas from Confessions of a Control Freak in an article in CALLED Magazine. You can read the article here. Many thanks to publisher Marsha DuCille! (This article was previously published in CALLED Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2, 2012. Used with permission. For more information, visit

Bob writes:  “Dear Priscilla, I was looking for  something to read one night a few weeks ago and saw a new book on the kitchen table.  I knew it was your book and I understood, or at least I thought I did, that it was written for women. I took my shower and jumped into bed with the new book.  WOW! I am not sure what time I turned the light out, but I know that I finished the book the next night and I am a very slow reader. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion as I read, seeing myself and my wife’s lives unfold as I read. Not only was the book enjoyable, but very informative. My daughter borrowed the book when I finished reading so my wife will have to wait–I can’t wait to see her reaction!  Thank you so much for allowing our Lord to use you in this way. One thing for sure this book is for all of us because there is LITTLE CONTROL FREAK IN ALL OF US, especially the ladies. hahaha. God bless you and I can’t wait for your next book.”

Paul DiNapoli wrote in:  “Until I read Priscilla’s book, I never realized how much of a control freak I really was. Having said that, however, I feel much better equipped, mentally, and emotionally, to deal with this issue, and I thank Priscilla for helping me understand my situation.  God bless her.”


MizB at Should Be Reading posted a lovely review on August 22, 2012. Thanks, MizB!

I loved Priscilla’s sarcasm and down-to-earth writing style. She seems like someone I’d love to sit and have tea with. :)

Overall, this book is really helpful. I was given new insight into some of the things I do — including the fact that, by doing everything for my kids (not having them do chores), I’m not really helping, but actually hindering them — and found out that a verse I’ve long loved is actually about something other than I’d always thought (Proverbs 16:3).

I’d definitely recommend this one.

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From Irene, on

The author of this book is very open and straightforward about the subject of control. It is her writing style that makes this book interesting and helpful. She starts the book by giving us examples of what a control freak is. I think all women will see something that pertains to them, and maybe even all of the examples!

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From “Lollipops,” on

CONFESSION OF A CONTROL FREAK is a great book for women to read. Questions are included to use as a discussion guide or to work through on their own. This is a good book for women to learn that only by the Holy Spirit can we move from wanting to be in charge to serving those around us.

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