Book Endorsements

“It is difficult to live with a ‘control freak.’  It is even more difficult to be one.  In her honest, poignant and often humorous confessions, Priscilla Morrison leads the way to true inner peace that offers hope for recovering control freak and a blessing to those who are called to love them.”
Bob Allums
Director of  Praying Life Ministries and seeJesus Ministries
Telford, PA

“I highly recommend Priscilla’s book to anyone dealing with control issues and to those who live and work with them.  Confessions of a Control Freak and Hope for Those Who Know One is a delightful read full of practical advice from a woman who knows her subject well both through experience and through research.  The personal illustrations are humorous and fun to read, and the faith-based advice Priscilla gives is very practical.  This is a great book for every control freak who has come to the realization that being in control is just an illusion and who wants to learn how to trust God and enjoy people.”
Beth Moorhead
Counseling Ministries, Wayzata Free Church
Plymouth, MN

“Priscilla Morrison has written a wonderfully honest, insightful and practical book on the epidemic problem of trying (with good intent) to obsessively control our lives and the lives of those around us.  She confronts the personal, social and spiritual dynamics of the fundamental human temptation of wanting to be the creator rather than the created.  Confessions of a Control Freak  is a valuable resource for identifying some of our unhealthy compulsions and then living life with greater biblical freedom and delight.”
Robert A. Fryling
Author of The Leadership Ellipse: Shaping How We Lead by Who We Are

“Priscilla Morrison writes honestly about the destructive pattern of control in her relationship to her husband and children.  She writes compellingly of how God used His Word, prayer, family and friends to uncover and ultimately bring sanity and healing in her life.  It is a truly helpful guide for those who see this same pattern and want guidance on how to change.”
Rose Marie Miller
Author of From Fear to Freedom

The desire to be in control of my own life is deeply imbedded in the human nature. The evidence can be seen in tyrant world leaders, crafty politicians, sly business people, and even the church secretary. But for a person to be a true representative of Christ, our human urge to control must be surrendered. Confessions of a Control Freak is a guide to move from needing to control the world around you to joyfully surrendering control to the God of the universe. If you are serious about your testimony for the Lord Jesus, make this book a part of your growing experience. Not only will it enhance your testimony, but also your joy and freedom in living for Christ.”
Simon Schrock
President, Choice Books of Northern Virginia

And here’s one of my favorite “endorsements” – from my grandson, Daniel 🙂


  1. Linda Gartland says:

    You have done a wonderful thing writing that book. You know me, I just follow along but I think Joe should DEFINITELY read it. Another thing, you look absolutely beautiful in your photo. I wish you all the success in the world with this book. I just know it will be a blessing in the lives of so many people and you are going to sell zillions of copies. The website is also very nice and inviting. Good job!

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