WELCOME TO The Control Switch—facing our limits, finding God’s power

Hello.  My name’s Priscilla, and I’m a recovering control freak.  I call myself that because I’m still tempted to control things.  I still panic sometimes,  still butt in others’ business, and I can’t always shut my mind down.

But recovery  means that God has touched my life with His grace.  It means I have been able to make some progress.   What kind of progress?   Well, I used to go from “zero to panic” in three seconds.  If I wasn’t freaking out, I was madly forming a plan—a plan to change, rescue, redirect, or solve the situation.  But eventually, I’d find myself out of options or making a mess of what I tried to fix.

Even  though I’ve been a Christian since I was about 17, and claimed to believe the Bible, I really didn’t believe all that it said about God, so I kept trying to handle my life (and the lives of many others) on my own.   How many of you know how hard that is?  However, the good news is once we’ve made a mess of things, God has our attention.  You can change.  Others can change.  And, you can find peace.   A peace of your own—peace, even in the midst of having a terrible day, a divorce, losing your home, even losing a loved one.  God’s peace is larger than life.   When we honestly face our own limits, we can see more clearly a God who is loving, yet very powerful.  Not only is He powerful, He wants to save us and help us.

Trust is the issue for the control freak.  But to trust someone else with your life, you must know Him.

If you’d like to hear more about how  I am learning to trust God and actually relax in His being in control,  check out my book, Confessions of a Control Freak (and advice for those who know one).  It’s scheduled for release by Harvest House Publishers in July 2012.

We each have our own past and our unique personality, and both help form our reactions and responses to life.  Today, your control issue could be dealing with an annoying neighbor, maybe an unreasonable boss, chronic pain, or an unfaithful spouse.   Control freak or not, we all face struggles with control of our lives and the lives of those who impact ours.  From an everyday traffic jam to a sudden death, each day brings unexpected news or simple interruptions and changes in plans.

So how are you coping?  Everything under control?  Things starting to crack?  Perhaps it’s time to flip the switch.


  1. Miss Morrison, there’s a definitive reason now for why I adore you! We’re just alike! I”m a control freak, trying to not be a control freak. I can’t wait to read your book. This venture and ministry is so needed and will be cherished!!

  2. Betty Aiello says:

    Love your site and can’t wait for your book!